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What Is Counseling Like?

I love this question because it means you are thinking about counseling! Welcome!! I hope counseling feels like a conversation with an old friend. A friend you can tell anything too. A friend who isn't judging you or sizing you up. A friend who accepts you for you and wants the best for you. When you start counseling, we are strangers. I get that. As we go on this journey together though, I hope my office because a safe and familiar place. A place you look forward to coming and a place that you feel warm and safe. I'm no interior decorator (!!) but I hope I have created an inviting place that makes you feel welcome and cozy.

Counseling can be hard. We talk about difficult topics. We talk about hurtful feelings. We talk about making changes. All of that can be overwhelming but what I can promise you is that you are not alone. I have made that saying my unofficial slogan at my office. When you are experiencing difficult things in life, the last thing you should feel is alone. I hope that in our counseling journey you feel supported, encouraged, and heard. Your story is important. YOU are important. Please don't suffer in silence.

If you are unsure about counseling, give me a call. I do free phone consultations which means I can answer any questions you may have. You can also meet me over the phone and see if you think we would be a good fit. All it takes is one step to get started. Let's do that today!


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