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Time Management (Part 2)

Earlier this week we looked at time management skills and a super handy time management chart. If you missed that blog, head back over and read it first. Today is part 2 for time management.

In therapy, I often hear clients struggle with decision making. Maybe it's hard to fit everything in the day you want to accomplish. Maybe it's hard to say no to your friend or boss. Whatever the dilemma, setting boundaries and making decisions can be hard! I created a decision making chart to help aid in the process a few years back. This chart helps you explore how to classify your tasks and decisions to know the importance. Let's take a look below.

On this chart you have 4 Categories:

  1. Urgent & Important

  2. Important & NOT urgent

  3. NOT Important & NOT Urgent

  4. Urgent & NOT important

To start the decision making process, figure out what goes in category 1 and 4. These are your urgent, time sensitive duties. These need your attention today most likely. Then, figure out what is not important and not urgent which is category 3. These you can dump to another day or week. Once you identify what must happen today and what you can dump to another day, you explore what is left which is category 2. Can you move any of these items to another day? Can you delegate to another family member or friend? Prioritize your day by accomplishing the high urgency/high importance tasks first then plan for the remainder of your items.

Check out the chart below to get a visualization of this skill.

Happy Planning!


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