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Time Management (Part 1)

Do you find yourself struggling with staying organized, finishing your to-do list or making adjustments in your schedule when the week gets busy? Consider using time management skills. With time change upon us, the daylight hours are getting longer and this is perfect time to make sure you are using your days to the fullest! I had an English teacher in High School that always said, "Redeem the Time!" That phrase has stuck with me even in my adult years. So thanks to Ms. Sugg, let's make sure you are redeeming YOUR time!

Here is a list of skills that will help you make the most of your time. Find ways to incorporate this into your daily routines.

  1. Prioritize

  2. Delegate

  3. Set Goals

  4. Efficient Decision Making

  5. Multitasking

  6. Problem Solving

  7. Scheduling

  8. Keep up to date records and appointments

  9. Stay organized

  10. Keep To-Do List

  11. Keep supplies in stock

  12. Say NO if needed

Below is a time management chart I use often in therapy. I describe it as a master schedule for you to fill out. Start by putting everything you have on a regular, weekly basis (i.e. classes, meetings, practice, church, work etc). Then fill in the things you want to make a habit (working out, doing laundry, self-care time etc). These are things that may not happen every day but you want to put in the schedule at least a few times a week. Then block out time for you to do larger tasks (i.e. study). Make sure to also include time for meals, showers, and of course SLEEP! When you find yourself with a very busy week in your planner, look at the master schedule and try to find ways to carve out more time. Maybe you work out less one day or maybe you get up earlier. You can find ways to adjust your master schedule when life gets super busy and that will help you maximize the time and manage your stress better.

Give it a try!


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