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Thankful Thursday Week 3

Today is the 3rd installment of my "Thankful Thursdays" series and it's the last! Next week is Thanksgiving!! So far we have talked about being thankful for the people and places in our lives. We challenged ourselves to find 5 more people to be intentional with in our relationships and we challenged ourselves to find 3 more places to explore in creation soon!

Week 3: Be Thankful for Pets!

I know not everyone reading will have a pet. Maybe you had a pet as a child or maybe someone in your family has a pet today? Regardless, I would imagine at some point you have enjoyed the cuddles and snuggles of a pet! Pet's are great companions for us. It's always been a delight to hear my client talk about their pets and in very real ways- they ARE members of our families! It's also fun to debate with people cats vs dogs since those are the most common house pets.

Research conducted in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that pets provided meaningful social support for their owners. This means that people who have pets can feel mood lifts or emotions such as happiness just by being with their pets! This study has shown that pets overall improve one's life and offer significant benefits to their owners. I'm not surprised though, are you?

As we conclude our Thankful Thursday series today, let's be thankful for the pets in our life. Maybe its your own darling fur baby or your roommates or your friends. However we are able to enjoy the pets, let's take advantage of it. And if you are thinking ahead to the holidays, pets make great gifts! There are many shelters in North MS that have full kennels right now and would love to adopt pets to loving homes. There are also volunteer opportunities at most pet shelters if you aren't in the place to adopt, you can help out still!

Challenge for Week 3: Find a pet this week and ENJOY! If you own a pet, give it extra snuggles or treats. If you need to borrow a pet from a friend, try taking a walk or playing with their pet. It will be an instant mood lifter for you. Pets are loyal companions who really love unconditionally. Let's be thankful for them this year.


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