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Thankful Thursday Week 2

Today is the next installment of my "Thankful Thursdays" series. Last week we looked at People we are thankful for. I hope each of you were able to thank the 5 people in your life you appreciate as well as look for 5 more to get to know better!

Week 2: Be Thankful for Places!

So when I ask you to name your favorite place to visit, I bet you can easily come up with a memory. Maybe it's a family trip to the beach or a hike in the mountains that comes rushing back. Maybe it's the backyard at your grandparent's house or the neighbor's field you liked to play in as a child. Our memories are connected very strongly to our senses. A small reminder can flood you with emotions from the past. How many times do we stop and meditate on the places that have become so etched in our minds it can come flooding back with a sound or a smell? Creation is full of wonderful and beautiful things to explore. Do we really do this enough? Can you do this enough? I'm not sure I have the answer but I'm leaning towards no. No, we can't explore what's out there enough. There will always be new places to visit and new experiences to be had. Again 2020 has tried to take this away from us. I've heard from so many people since March how they had to cancel trips that had been planned or postpone vacations. Although we've had to make adjustments this year, we can still experience things around us. Even if that is going in your backyard for a bonfire with your family. Or trying a new walking trail in town. Or taking your dog to the lake for a swim. Or star gazing in the country with your kids. We can still experience creation and the beauty it holds! And yes, one day we will be back at the beach or the mountains or Disney again. And I hope we appreciate it all the more!

Week 2 Challenge- List 3 places that you have visited that you felt your soul be stirred. Be thankful for those times and places. Walk in your mind through the memories that come back to you. Now list 3 places you can visit soon. It doesn't have to be across the country or your bucket list vacations. It just needs to be 3 new experiences out in creation you can engage in. Let's try new ways to experience the beauty around us!


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