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Holly Jolly Holidays (Part 4)

Can you believe Christmas is in just a few days? Hopefully during this busy season you have found ways to slow down and take in the wonder of it all. If you have been following along on our blog, you have seen us look at 3 groups of people to share Christmas Cheer with this year. So far we have celebrated our neighbors, our teachers and our community helpers. This week we take a dive into the last group of heroes.

Week 4 Challenge: Pastors, Ministers, Missionaries

Another group that deserves some extra holiday cheer are those people who give sacrificially all year, COVID or not. The people who answer the call to be pastors, ministers and missionaries give selflessly all year and 2020 was no different. The year did bring new challenges and adaptations for them. Most had to move to online services, streaming services, live services or some type of new technology to continue their work. For some, I'm sure, it was an easy and possibly fun new adventure but for many, I'm sure it was a headache. Some Churches or groups celebrate their ministers in certain months, maybe October? That doesn't mean we can't show them more holiday joy again this Advent Season. Christmas is typically a busy time at Churches and our ministers and pastors are finding ways to keep the joy of the season in their congregations despite all the challenges of masks, social distancing, limited capacity etc. Missionaries have also been on my mind this season. Many are serving in other countries where lock-downs have been more intense or even forcing them out of their homes because of COVID. Many have lost financial support this year because so many families have suffered financially and had to make tough budget cuts in their giving. Many are stuck in countries and unable to come back stateside for their planned trips home because of COVID.

How can you show the people in your life called to occupations extra joy and cheer? Maybe it's more homemade cards, or gift cards, or cash donations. Maybe it's also a catered meal or a gift for their favorite hobby? Also consider giving money to those you can, Many have had cuts in their ministry budgets this year. Whatever seems appropriate to you, find ways to thank these people and some them some cheer!

I hope this month's blog series has encouraged you to find ways to spread Christmas Cheer to others. There are many other people groups I did not explore and that is not because they are not worthy. I simply picked 4 that stood out in my mind due to the unusual year we have had. We may have to be more creative and simplistic in our holiday cheer to others but COVID can't stop Christmas!


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