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Holly Jolly Holidays!

Can you believe we are finally in December?? In the year that was never ending, it's actually ending soon. The year at least. The current pandemic has changed a lot this year and our Christmas plans will be no different. I've already heard of annual Christmas concerts being cancelled, parades becoming drive by, traditional plays or ballets being cancelled and family gatherings being small. While a lot of things are different this year, we can still rejoice in the season in new ways!

The Holly Jolly Blog will challenge you each week to find a way to bring joy to someone in your life. Maybe we have to be more creative this year but we can still find a way to spread Christmas cheer! Check back each Tuesday in December for a new challenge on a group of people to reach out to and spread some joy this month!

Week One Challenge: Neighbors!

To start this challenge, we aren't going far from your front door- your neighbors! Perhaps you are surrounded by people in a subdivision or a condo complex or perhaps you have some distance between yards but we all have neighbors. At the heart of the gospel is the command to love our neighbors as ourselves. What better act of service to start the celebration of Advent then by doing exactly what Jesus did- love others first. If you have little ones at home, have them create Christmas Cards to be put in the mailbox. Or if they are feeling extra festive try a socially distanced Christmas Carol in the yard. We may not be baking as many cookies or yummy treats for others this year but we can still spread some joy. Let's think outside the box this month. Covid may have cancelled the Christmas Parade but it can't cancel our CHEER!


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