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Holly Jolly Holiday (Part 3)

We are getting closer and closer to Christmas! Maybe that sounds exciting or maybe puts you in panic mode to find those last few gifts on your list. Ready or not, it's coming soon! So far this month we have looked at 2 groups of people to reach out to and spread some Christmas Cheer: Our neighbors and our teachers. Today we look at our third group.

Week 3 Challenge: Community Helpers

Looking back on 2020, it is not difficult to find the people in our community who have not stopped working during this pandemic. There are so many essential workers out there, and our world keeps on going because they have not stopped working. Maybe you had a medical need this year and saw a doctor or a nurse or a specialist. Maybe you relied on law enforcement or the fire department for help at some point. Maybe you were like me and your postal worker, who kept delivering those Amazon packages, became one of your favorite people during lockdown. Maybe you know someone in our armed forces who continued to work and serve every day despite the outbreaks. Whoever it was, we have all been helped this year from this group of workers and it's time to show them thanks as well! I've seen some great ideas already for ways to say thanks. One cute idea was having your kids make "Thank You" signs and place them around businesses that have remained open. I've also loved the idea of putting a basket by your door full of water bottles, soda, gatorades and individually wrapped snacks as a thank you to our postal workers, Fed Ex, UPS etc. who are very busy this time of year! What ways can you be creative? If you have some great ideas, share with us!


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