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Final Exam Tips

It's here- finally! Are you feeling excited that summer break is so close? Or maybe it's fear that you have a long week ahead and lots of studying to finish strong? Regardless your emotions, finals are coming in hot tomorrow! So take a few minutes and read over my tips below for surviving. Keep your eyes on that summer break and finish strong, Rebs!

  1. Time Management- plan out your week TODAY so that you know when every single exam, paper or project is due. Then plan out how much each assignment needs from you. Include study time, prep time and execution time. If you need help go back a few blogs to the Time Management one and grab the super handy chart to help you plan your week.

  2. Make sure you have your supplies. Check to see if exams need a scantron (and which type) or # 2 pencils. Make sure you can locate your computer charger for any online exams or presentations. Keep all electronics charged- just in case! That's your computer, phone, ipad etc.

  3. Head to the grocery store today to stock up on healthy foods and snacks for the week. Take a few minutes to meal prep your week to make for faster meals and lots of nutrients to feed your brain power. Don't skip meals! Your body and brain will need lots of energy this week so keep yourself feed.

  4. Don't over caffeinate yourself. We've all been there when you make the decision to pull an all-nighter then just consume Red Bulls all day to get through. This is NOT the best way for your brain to retain your information and can led you to crash and miss other exams or assignments during the week. Keep your caffeine normal for the week. It's also not the time to stop drinking coffee or do some juice cleanse. Keep things normal for your body.

  5. Get sleep! Your brain needs to recharge each night. Make sure you are getting ample sleep, at least 6 hours, a night. Try to avoid naps if possible to keep your sleep cycle regular.

  6. Find your motivation now. What are you looking forward to after Friday? Maybe it's a beach trip? Or maybe you are headed home to see family and friends? Maybe you are a Senior and GRADUATING Saturday!! Whatever your next step is, keep that in mind. Keep that as your motivation and reward for getting through a tough week.

  7. Set boundaries with your time. Yes, a last minute night on the square with friends to say goodbye sounds fun, but can you afford to give up that time? Is your friend calling for some late night Cook-Out shakes? Is your roommate wanting to do last minute shopping on the Square for summer outfits? Just remember- you can say NO and it does not make you a bad friend. Know your time this week and say no to any extras that come along. Try to plan celebrations with friends for after your exams are over.

  8. Write down positive affirmations. This too shall pass. The pain of finals will end. You will succeed! Whatever motivates you, trying writing it on some post-it notes and place around your room, study area, car etc. Successful people keep the right mindset!

Best of luck, Rebs! You've had a long semester full of Zoom meetings, rushed social events and no Spring Break. You deserve some down time. Just push through this week first.


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