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Depression in Children

Last week we looked at symptoms of Anxiety in children. Today, we are going to look at symptoms of Depression in children. Yes, kids can be "sad" just like adults. Often though, it's masked with other signs. Check out the list below to see what else to look for in your children.

Isolation Weight changes

Guilt Helplessness Giving away personal things

Thoughts or talk of death

Anger Avoiding hobbies

Energy loss

Emotional outbursts School absences

Frequent illnesses Self-harm

If you are unsure if your child is suffering from depression, reach out for professional help! You know your child the best. If you see changes or areas you are concerned about, trust your gut! Try talking to their teacher to see if the teacher has noticed any changes in them or if they are aware of any issues that have come up at school that your child may have not shared. Keep the lines of communication open with them so they have a safe place in you to share their feelings!


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