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College Counseling

I LOVE working with college students. This time in life is unique and exciting. So many new opportunities, new friends, new dreams, new goals. Basically, everything changes! For most, they move away from home and away from their support group. They start over making new friends and new supports in their life. They are learning to balance independence with responsibility and freedom with maturity. Oh and did I mention research now suggests that the brain doesn't stop developing until around 25! So let's throw our young people into a time when decisions are critical and their brains are still developing. That may sound scary but it's actually a great time to be in counseling.

Throughout the 4 ( or 5 or 6?) years you are in college, you make so many decisions that affect your future. To start, you select a major. And let's be honest, MOST people will change their major and that is perfectly okay! You make big choices like where to rush or what groups on campus to join. Maybe you consider studying aboard or internships or a gap year. Maybe you decide to join causes that have become important to you as a young adult. As you can see, there are lots of choices and lots of decisions to be made.

So how does counseling help? Counseling can offer a lot of things! For example, counseling provides a safe space for you to explore all the options and decisions you are trying to make. My office is located just off the Ole Miss campus which provides you with privacy away from other students. My approach is person-centered which means you tell me what is important to you. You help set the goals for your time in therapy. Maybe you need help making decisions. Counseling provides tools like a T Chart, DECIDE model, SMART Model for goals etc. These are resources I use often and can help direct you through. Counseling can also help you sort through all those complicated relationships you may find yourself in. Whether it's friends, dating, roommates, family or professors, we can explore effective communication and conflict resolution skills. We can also explore healthy habits like time management, life style and self care. Counseling can help you explore anxiety and depression. You can learn what symptoms are, find your triggers and implement coping skills.

Counseling has many benefits during this time of change. Don't be afraid to reach out if you are feeling overwhelmed. Counseling is becoming more and more common among Gen Z. My unofficial slogan is "You Are Not Alone!" You don't have to walk through this time in your life in the dark or overwhelmed.

If you are interested, reach out! I'm happy to answer any questions or explain more about counseling. Let's get started today!


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