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Back 2 School: Survival Guide

Here are our most trusted Back 2 School Tips!

  1. Shop now! You may be on the lookout for the perfect pencil pouch, but don't forget the other essentials you need to pack each day- your food! Shop this week for healthy snacks and lunch options. Try pre-packaged ones for faster grabs. Check expiration dates to make sure you will eat the food before it may expire.

  2. Visualize your first day- Walk through each thing you will do from waking up (maybe excited?) to getting dressed, arriving at school, walking to each class, eating lunch and finishing your day out. Try to imagine each step of the way being successful and maybe even exciting or fun!

  3. Stay hydrated! Carrying those bags and taking 10,000 steps in a day can take a toil on your body so make sure you have a great water bottle ready. Spend this week personalizing your bottle with stickers or paint pens. On the first day of school, locate the water fountains in each building so you are ready for refills.

  4. Pack all your supplies and food the night before. Maybe your school does a drop off time before the first day or maybe you are toting all things in your new rocking backpack. Either way, go over your supply list more than once to make sure you didn't miss anything. Check the school supplies drives around Oxford for any supplies you are needing.

  5. Remember, others are nervous too. If you are feeling nervous then chances are so will your classmates. This may be especially true if you are a new student. Try looking for those who seem a little unsure or maybe the new students on that first day and find ways to be supportive. Your teachers may even be nervous too!

  6. Find new friends. Maybe you are on the of lucky ones who has the same schedule as your BFF but chances are you aren't that lucky! Take the first few days to introduce yourself to the people sitting around you. Find one or two friends in each class. You never know when you may need a study buddy this year.

  7. Start your sleep schedule back this week. We all have enjoyed the lazy days of summer. Maybe you have stayed up later hanging out with friends and family or maybe you have gotten accustomed to a late afternoon, heat escaping nap. No matter what you were doing, chances are you are off the typical sleep schedule you need for school. Try starting back this week and your body and mind will thank you next week.

Enjoy those last few days of summer! School is about to be back in session!


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